Leading clinics & salons across the globe are choosing to protect themselves and their clients with Puromist, pre and post treatment. The perfect in clinic formulation, Puromist® aids skin healing & skin conditions such as redness and irritation which can be provoked by bacteria, viruses & fungus

Protect your clients today... 


100% natural

Non-toxic & non-alcohol formula

Skin purifying

pH balanced

Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial

Puromist in;

Dental Clinics

Beauty Salons

Gym & Fitness

Hair & Wellbeing Salons

Tattooist Clinics

& More

No COSH Required

Suitable for all skin types

Safe for all ages

Multi-use Spray available.

Perfect in Clinic & Salon.

Puromist is perfect for

Pre-Treatment Prep

While using puromist you can have peace of mind that you are using a natural, safe, and non-toxic product.

pH balanced

Hypochlorous acid is formulated to the same pH as your skin and is the ideal cleansing, purifying and protecting solution for skin

Anti inflammatory + Anti bacterial

It has no degreasing or stripping effect on the skin, does not sting, irritate or dry the skin when applied, and helps rid your skin of harmful bacteria picked up through daily life

Aftercare for your clients

Puromist is the perfect aftercare product for client skin , recommended to use morning and night in line with regular skin care routines