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Our skin is constantly under attack from external sources and Puromist provides the ultimate protection for your skin

Not only does Puromist thoroughly purify your skin, but it also forms a protective layer that shields against harmful pollutants, which can trigger breakouts, irritation, and redness.

The pH-balanced, non-toxic, and alcohol-free composition makes Puromist safe for all skin types, from the youngest to the most mature, with the products anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties it is the idea skin care addition for use day and night.

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Puromist is completely pH balanced, non toxic and alcohol free making it the perfect natural alternative to harsh skin cleansers and sanitisers.



Puromist is a completely pH balanced, non toxic, purifying formula that mimics a disinfectant that occurs naturally within our bodies making it gentle enough to use on all skin types of all ages. It can be used on the most delicate skin and to calm and soothe various skin conditions like acne and dermatitis. It is even safe enough to use on broken skin which makes it the perfect solution for health professionals to use pre and post procedure.

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Clinical health professionals can have peace of mind that Puromist will cleanse and protect their clients skin pre, during and post procedures from potential bacteria which can lay on the skin surface.

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Puromist is the perfect addition to any skincare and hygiene routine especially for those that suffer with skin problems. The formula is gentle enough to use on wounds yet powerful enough to disinfect surfaces. Use at home or work, whilst shopping, in the gym or whilst travelling.

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