HOCI based products and how it can HELP !

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is an acid that occurs when chlorine dissolves, in water. It plays a role in our system as a natural defence mechanism against harmful pathogens, such as bacteria. Here's how it operates;

Production within the Body;

Our body naturally generates acid in white blood cells known as neutrophils.
Neutrophils are a type of blood cell for fighting off bacteria and other pathogens contributing significantly to our immune systems strength.

Defense Mechanism;

When our body identifies an infection or foreign invader it dispatches neutrophils to the area.

These neutrophils release acid during a process called the burst, which generates reactive oxygen species to eliminate bacteria effectively.

Neutrophil are the most common type of white blood cell. 

Like all white blood cells, they work to fight off infectious organisms in your body, such as viruses and bacteria. 

Elimination of Microbes;

  • Hypochlorous acid exhibits efficacy against microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • It disrupts the cell walls, proteins and DNA of these microbes successfully neutralizing and eliminating the threat they pose.

Anti Inflammatory Properties;

One notable characteristic of acid is it's ability to reduce inflammation at the site of infection or injury due, to its inflammatory properties.
By clearing away debris and supporting tissue repair processes it aids in promoting healing.

Topical Application;

Because of its properties that fight against microbes and reduce inflammation hypochlorous acid is commonly used in products applied to the skin such as wound care solutions and skincare formulations. When it is put on the skin it helps eliminate bacteria reducing the chances of infections and promoting skin.

Puromist Application;

Puromist is a product that utilises acid properties for skincare purposes. When applied it acts as an effective cleanser by getting rid of bacteria from the surface of the skin. This makes it suitable, for skincare routines, including before and after treatments.

In conclusion hypochlorous acid is a component found in our system that aids in protecting our bodies against pathogens. When we apply it like with Puromist it provides an effective way to cleanse our skin guard, against bacteria and enhance overall skin health due to anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.