Support Your Gym Experience, with Puromist; The Perfect Workout Companion for Your Skin

Support Your Gym Experience, with Puromist; The Perfect Workout Companion for Your Skin

When we engage in a gym session our skin goes through a journey – from warming up and getting sweaty to achieving that post workout glow. Meet Puromist, the partner to keep your complexion clean and refreshed throughout your fitness journey.

Before you start your treadmill run or lift those weights, be mindful of the bacteria on gym surfaces, benches and particurlary weights which are held and carried by 100's of people throughout the day. There is nothing we can do , it is part of gym life , yet we can protect our skin from possible breakout or flare up using Puromist spray pre , during and post workout. 

This will help shield your skin from impurities that you may encounter during exercise. Sweat can make your skin feel greasy and oily providing an environment for harmful bacteria to thrive. When you touch your face or wipe off the sweat the risk of contamination increases in shared workout spaces where various surfaces and equipment are used.

Enter Puromist with its ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). It acts as a defense against breakouts and flare ups after your workout. This refreshing mist not soothes your skin. Also eliminates harmful bacteria creating a protective barrier while you exercise.

If you're familiar with gym breakouts or have sensitive skin that worsens due to sweating and dirt buildup Puromist becomes an essential companion, for you.
Spray Puromist, on your face while you exercise and let its powerful formula protect your skin from harmful bacteria. After your workout enjoy an clear complexion. Enhance your gym routine with Puromist because your skin deserves a workout too!